Celebrating Entrepreneurs’ Day celebrated in Rovaniemi

FinnTribune report: Finland’s highest house of cards was built on Saturday in Rovaniemi to mark the upcoming Entrepreneurs’ Day on Monday.
Rovaniemi has undertaken a one-week programme beginning from September 3 to celebrate the day observed on September 5 every year in Finland.
Besides the card house built at the Sampokeskus shopping centre, the week is also being celebrated in Lordi Square with entrepreneurs gathered with different products and services.
Circus artist and director Keijo Karvinen made the house having 64 storeys using only playing cards. It took around three hours to complete.
The business and entrepreneurship promoting agency Likiliike, Rovaniemi Development Agency, Rovaniemi Entrepreneurs’ Association, and Women Entrepreneurs’ Association have jointly organised the event.
Rovaniemi City Mayor Esko Lotvonen inaugurated the programme and the opening day was full of music, circus, children’s games, photography and disparate stalls set up by local entrepreneurs.

Keijo Karvinen told the Finland Times that it is always nice to try new skills. He was optimistic about building the card house. His primary target was to build 50 to 70 floors. But, at the end of the day, it could be made up to 64 storeys.

Visitors were watching as he was building the card house. Children, in particular, were most curious to see how a card house comes into being.
Karvinen termed the card house an inspiration for everyone including himself. “It’s a new magic.” This also helps him introduce to people the circus show Taika Aika he works for.
The opening day also saw six new local entrepreneurs receiving Likiliike certificates. Mayor Lotvonen was present at the certificate-awarding ceremony.

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